According to USA today bills are going through the Senate and Congress looking to repeal a law that phases out incandescent light bulbs. Here's a quote:

The battle pits the lawmakers against environmental groups that strongly back the new standards, which require manufacturers to produce bulbs that use 25% to 30% less energy than standard incandescents, starting Jan. 1.

via Light bulb law faces challenge in Congress -

Okay, the legislators basic argument is that they have no business telling people what type of light bulbs they can buy. I'll get back to that in a second. My question is, why are you f'ing with this and not fixing our budget problems? These Capitol Hill asswipes have no sense of priorities. Maybe you'd rather they work on immigration or bringing the trioops home-fine, I can deal with that, but lets not waste time debating lightbulbs.
Now, onto the light bulbs themselves. The new bulbs are a very small step towards using less energy. The fluorescents are fine and l.e.d.s. are right around the corner. We have standards for cars for gas mileage, why not standards for light bulbs? It's less money out of your pocket, and it saves energy, so what's the downside? The answer being thrown around is disposal. Fluorecent bulbs should be disposed of properly because they contain mercury. Once again, this is a small hassle considering most last five years, and l.e.d.s will be fully available by the next time you have to by a bulb.

But, whatever, I'm just punch drunk from watching these legislators playing a game of "let's pretend we're busy so we don't have to work".

Past fluorescent and past l.e.d. is plasma. Watch this and freak out.