Just because you're Lebron James does not mean you are above the law.


That is what Lebron James tweeted out on the way to the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert last night. It was a video of Lebron James getting a police escort to the arena because "traffic was nuts". Well this has unleashed a firestorm on the internet.

Just because Lebron James is a famous sports athlete does not give him the right to get police escorts whenever traffic is bad. The Miami Dade police department released a statement today. "It has been brought to our attention that a video was posted on the internet by LeBron James, a professional basketball player, where it shows him being escorted onto the property of Sun Life Stadium.

Upon further investigation, it has been confirmed that Miami-Dade Police facilitated Mr. James from one intersection to another in the adjacent area of the stadium. His was not a scheduled escort and although all safety precautions were taken, the department has identified these actions as violated department policies." Sorry Lebron just because you're gonna be late to the concert does not give you the right to do this.

Check Out Lebrons Police Escort Below: