While a great deal of our listeners are manly men, even the toughest of guys likes to see a great pic of an animal doing something stupid or cute. My husband, though he wouldn't want me to say this, loves to hear stories about what our pets have done and enjoys a great photo capture of them in the act of something cute.

Men are also always looking for the perfect gift for their significant others. If you're in the market and have a special someone who is able to take on the task, consider adopting a pet. After all, there's nothing more hilarious than seeing your cat try to jump onto the counter and miss, then stalk away as if she meant to do it. I also enjoy watching my cat do her own ninja cat move.

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. In celebration, I'm sharing some links with you that I enjoy quite a bit. While these sites are able to take donations, I encourage you to donate locally, though any contribution to our furry friends is a good one.

Check out animals in need of homes in Wichita Falls.