You are already paying a pretty penny for those game consoles, but it looks like your electricity bill is going to be going up as well.

According to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council electricity consumption is much higher for the latest generation of consoles. Yeah we know that we are going to consume electricity when we play our favorite games, but some stats I found quite alarming. The energy consumption from all of these consoles could power the entire city of Houston. Electricity bills as a collective are going to go up a billion dollars. Finally the consumption is equivalent to the output of four large power plants.

Am I saying stop playing video games? That would be a definite no, I am addicted to video games and will never stop playing them. However, be smart when you play. According to NRDC if you watch something like Netflix on your game console, try switching to a more energy efficient device. For instance Apple TV or Roku. I know everybody out there mostly only has an Xbox or Apple TV. If you do have both though, try to switch to save some money.

Finally my biggest pet peeve with people nowadays is running their game consoles 24/7. I understand back in the day when we were playing NES we couldn't save our game. So the only way to get to the end, if we had to leave, was to keep the console on. Yeah kids back in the day, no save points, you turned that console off you started all the way back at the beginning. Peoples argument for leaving their console on is they don't want to wait for the game to load up. Seriously? How long does that take 30 to 45 seconds? So save some money and turn off those game consoles when you are not using them.

Check Out the Energy Consumption from the NRDC Below:

Photo Courtesy of the NRDC
Photo Courtesy of the NRDC