Metallica was in South Africa earlier this week playing shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town and in between shows, drummer Lars Ulrich sat down with South African news outlet Channel 24 to talk about the bands future plans and a new Metallica album. Well you may not want to hear this Buzzhead, but Ulrich said that "It would surprise me if the next full-length Metallica record would come out before 2015. It takes us a while to make records, and we're also so busy with so many other things. But we'll get around to it eventually."

So what? We are going to have to wait even longer for a new Metallica album? Their last album Death Magnetic came out in 2008 and other than releasing four tracks left over from Death Magnetic in 2011, we have had no new Metallica in five years!

Meanwhile, Metallica has been jumping from writing a little to playing a couple live shows and according to Ulrich, the band can't do the same thing for long amounts of time any more, saying "You know, Metallica, in order for it to be true and pure and honest, has to be fun. And so the days of, you know, writing for a year and then recording for a year and then going on the road for three years -- those kind of endlessly long cycles -- they're just behind us. I don't think we have the stamina to do anything for those elongated periods of time any longer."

Ulrich wasn't the only one giving out interviews while the band was in South Africa. Bassist Robert Trujillo told the band is working on new songs and stated "The ideas that I have been hearing and have been a part of, to me are very, very exciting and I see us making a great album. I feel in my heart that we are going to do something special."

All I can say Buzzhead, is hope for the best but be prepared to wait a couple more years for a new Metallica album. And check out Lars Ulrich interview below!