Speaking for myself it's been a long wait to hear some new Lamb Of God, well the wait is finally over! The new disk "Resolution" will be in stores & online Tuesday, January 24th (01-24-12) The first single from the new C.D. "Ghost Walking" is a blistering, balls out, bombastic, full out sonic assault as only Lamb Of God can deliver! If this song represents the album "Resolution" & I have a feeling it does, what's to come early next year will be nothing short of an epic magnum opus! Rarely if ever does a metal band find any form of mainstream success while maintaining their core sound, Lamb Of God is an exception to that rule. While most bands these days closely follow trends & quickly change their sound to accommodate the flavor of the month Lamb Of God remains as hard, fast & aggressive as ever continuing to do what they do best. Hammering out ear bleeding, fist pumping, head banging metal that's meant to be played at excessive decibels! Front man Randy Blythe has become one of the greatest metal vocalist of recent history & one of my absolute favorites. An accomplished singer Randy's unique style, range, delivery & growl place him in a category unto itself. The intensity & clarity of his voice are remarkable which upon hearing you don't forget. Unlike a lot of other vocalist or bands who sound great on disk & like ass in concert Lamb Of God sounds as good if not better live. In my opinion that's what separates the men from the boys. Too many bands or artists these days can't deliver when it comes to live performances due to an over reliance on studio tools & other recording technologies. Can't wait for the C.D. & seeing them out on the road in 2012 Check out the video for "Ghost Walking" the 1st single off "Resolution".