Norway's latest and greatest export Kvelertak have released the tripped out animated video for 'Evig Vandrar' and being baffled never felt so good.

Animated videos seem to be the flavor of the day and that's okay with me because it happens to be a flavor I like. Sure, dudes-jamming-in-the-warehouse videos get it done and I'm sure they're fun as hell for the band but I like it when bands go a little further and push the boundaries.

In the video for 'Evig Vandrar' (Norwegian for 'Eternal Youth' - thank you Google Translate) some sort of nomadic being drags along an extremely powerful contraption while the clip flashes back-and-forth between vibrant scenes that feature his enemies doing their dirty work. The video culminates into an epic showdown that fans of the animated cult classic Heavy Metal can certainly appreciate.

'Evig Vandrar' appears on Kvelertak's latest album, Meir.