Korn look to replicate the success of 'Never Never' with their new single, 'Spike in My Veins'.

As long as Korn have been around, and as many singles as they've released throughout their career, one would have expected them to have hit No. 1 on the Mainstream Charts long before 2013, but one would be wrong because 'Never Never' became the highest charting song of their career when it topped the charts a little while back. The next highest charting song is 'Twisted Transistor', which peaked at No. 3 back in 2005.

'Spike in My Veins' is similar to 'Never Never' with a polished sound and elements of the band's as-of-late dubstep experimentation. That very formula proved to produce the bona fide hit that had eluded the band for so many years, now we sit back and see if the band has another one in 'em.

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