Korn has made a fan’s wish come true along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation when they invited him to watch a concert in Phoenix and meet the band. The wish was granted to Tyler Sims, who suffers from lupus, which is an auto-immune disease that leads to pain and physical ailments.

Sims traveled with his family, and in the video he tells of how he had a chance to watch a soundcheck, got to meet each band member, and had a chance to talk with Jonathan Davis. It’s not surprising that the band would be involved, given that Korn is dedicated to their fans.

A while back Davis told Pulse of Radio:

We've always been a band about our fans, even when we first started out, when we playing clubs. I miss it so much. We'd play a gig, and we'd go out there and we'd hang out with the fans. We used to go to their houses, have barbecues, have parties, do all that stuff. Once the band got bigger, we weren't able to do that, so we're just continually trying to have that relationship with the fans.

Sims was thrilled for the opportunity, saying:

[Jonathan Davis] really connected with me kind of deep. It felt good that they actually cared. I've been a Korn fan since I was 10 years old. As I got older, I really connected with all the lyrics and I mean every song means something to me. It says something to me and it really gets me through a lot of the rough times I go through.

Click below to see Sims' wish come true.