With the way the last season of 24 ended, you probably thought that we would be seeing Jack Bauer again one day. Some thought sooner rather than later. After four years the show 24 will be returning this summer.

I am huge fan of Netflix and if you are constantly looking for a new show to start watching, might I suggest 24. I never watched a single episode while it was on air, but it is a really good show. All eight seasons are currently on Netflix.

As soon as I was done watching every episode of the show, I got on the 24 Wikipedia page. Much to my surprise I found out a new season will be coming out this year. In previous seasons 24 has been filmed in California, Washington D.C., New York and South Africa. This upcoming season will be filmed in London.

Kiefer Sutherland has been seen filming in east London on Wednesday with his longtime co-star Mary Lynn Rajskub. A number of roads around Whitechapel were closed to traffic during the day, as the crew filmed close to an overturned black taxi, which was photographed exploding in front of onlookers. Sutherland was seen waving a prop gun while covered in fake blood.