Tonight is the night! Spring Thing '13 is here with headliner Stone Sour! The show will also feature Papa Roach, In This Moment, Escape the Fate, Otherwise and Hell or Highwater.

Johnny Thrash was able to catch up with Stone Sour guitarist, Josh Rand, during the Afternoon Buzz and talk a little bit about the making of of the band's two part album 'House of Gold and Bones.' Rand says that recording the album was a natural process and that it all came together very smoothly. Rand also mentioned how Drummer Roy Mayorga is recovering after he suffered a stroke back in 2011. Josh even dropped some hints about the possible creation of a huge live production based around the album 'House of Gold and Bones.'

Click play on the players below to listen to the entire interview with Josh Rand from Stone Sour.

Josh Rand - Stone Sour Interview Part 1

Josh Rand - Stone Sour Interview Part 2