Jonathan Davis of Korn has done a lot of work with the USO and the Wounded Warrior organization over the years. While in concert, he makes a point to let his fans know that they’re able to watch that show because of our troops who have sacrificed their time, relationships, and lives to keep our country free. Davis was recently presented with the uniform of a soldier killed in battle, and probably not something he’ll take lightly.

Marine Lance Corporal William H. “Billy” Crouse IV was killed two years ago in battle, and his brother, Ryan Rothman, decided to give the uniform to Davis. When Rothman was 13-years-old, he and his brother went to a Korn concert and he has great memories of that show, and listening to Korn with his brother as he was growing up. While giving the items to Davis, Rothman said:

I want to give this uniform formally to you on behalf of my family. The inspiration you have had on my life and the impact of things you've brought me through and the things we shared through you and your music, I wanted him to be with you.

Jonathan Davis has made a point to work with our troops, including spending time in military hospitals where he visits with wounded soldiers.