The Yankees and their fans deserve everything they have coming to them. Get'em John!

I don't think I hate anything as much as I hate the Yankees. I enjoy mosquitos, more than the Yankees. My hate for this team has been on the website plenty of times. Nothing pisses me off more as an Orioles fan than the Jefferey Maier incident. I hate everything about them, buying the best team possible, their players and the fans. Don't even get me started with those people.

The Yankees fans think they're entitled to everything, even when they're not in their home stadium. I remember going to games in Camden Yards and the people causing the most problems were ALWAYS Yankees fans. Don't believe Yankees fans are entitled A-holes?

Check out the new Legends Club policy. Where you can't resell the tickets online. Which I assume is a fine policy to have. Why would the Yankees have that policy? According to their C.O.O. fans who paid full price for premium seats in the Legends Club would not feel comfortable sitting with “someone who has never sat in a premium location. So that’s a frustration to our existing fanbase.”

Wow. D*** move in my opinion. So John Oliver bought a few legends tickets and is selling them for 25 cents a piece. Here's the catch. You have to dress like you have never sat in a premium location before. If it was me. I am going, wife beater, water wings for a pool, the beer drinking helmet with the straws, sweatpants and socks with sandals.