The cast of Honey Boo Boo knows that people make fun of them, and they encourage it with their antics. The mother of the family is June, and she is often called  a “thumb” by Joel McHale on E! Television’s Talk Soup. Networks everywhere have had their fun poking at the family as well, including Jimmy Kimmel, who put the show into a “nature special.”

In this clip, we see the family eating off the floor, rolling around in the mud, and doing pretty much anything stupid that they can think of. The family is proud of what they’re doing and though they’re acting like morons, they seem to be having fun.

A friend of mine tried to get me to watch the show, and I sat through two grueling episodes. Since then I’ve caught snippets of it due to outlets that have made fun of them, but I have no desire to set my DVR to record it nor do I want to be subjected to a full half-hour of the show on any regular basis.

Perhaps the government can add this show to their list of approved torture devices.