Lots of things came together and many people put major effort into getting 'Homebrew' kicked off and running on time.  One person who dropped what she was doing and drove to the studio, barefoot and uphill both ways, was Jessica "J'Swo" Wood of J Wood Photography. Jessica is a local photographer here in Wichita Falls, Tx but seems to be all over the place.

The creative genius behind the in-studio Homebrew photos tirelessly drives to the Buzz studio in her supersonic stealth-like Ford Focus when she is free and continuously amazes me with the photos that she is able to capture (not to mention her ability to put up with foul-language, smelly dudes and horrible "your-mom" jokes) most recently with Twicebroken and Roselawn.  Jessica Wood is nothing short of a superhero (most likely Catwoman...just ask her why...hehe).

But she doesn't stop with studio pics!  Jessica moves all around, in and out of town and just about anywhere she can fit her camera lens.  She just so happened to be the prodigy who took the photos of our Townsquare Media Airstaff, but she is is best known for her "Trash the Dress" photo sessions, her unique and creative senior & family portraits as well as her memorable wedding photos.  If you want a picture taken, J'Swo will do it, and for an extremely low fee!

Thanks again to Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography for her ninja-like photo skills and creative talent!  She definitely brings Homebrew to vision through her camera!  Now if she could just photo-shop 50 lbs off me we'd be good...

Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography can be best reached through her continuously-updated J Wood Photography Website which also has a link to her Facebook page (she openly welcomes Facebook stalkers, if you don't believe me just ask her!).  Make sure you click her email on the site to be put on her newsletter and check out her blog before you log off!