In a recent interview it seems like Jerry Jones is ready to part ways with pro bowl defensive end Demarcus Ware.

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan my whole life and when you root for a team, you always have that one guy that is your player. I have only had three for the Dallas Cowboys. Emmitt Smith, Roy Williams the free safety and Demarcus Ware. I have been rocking my retro Ware jersey watching games at home and going to AT&T stadium for years now. Unfortunately only two scenarios can happen this off season, Ware can restructure his contract or be released from the team.

Dallas is projected to be over the salary cap in 2014 and Ware is scheduled to make 16 million dollars next season. Ware missed three games this past season and only had six sacks, by far his worst season in his entire NFL career.

“There’s no question when you are where we are on the cap, even though we’ve had some new cap space added, and you have a defensive player that’s your highest paid defensive player, and he hasn’t been on the field much the last two years, that has to be considered,” Jones told ESPN. "You can't have it all."

I pray both parties can work on an agreement because it would just be wrong to see Demarcus Ware in anything, but a Dallas Cowboys jersey. I need baseball to hurry up and start on Friday to get my mind off of this terrible football news. If Ware does get released I pray he does not go to any other teams in the NFC East because that would just be wrong.