If you’re a nice guy, you’ve probably used the phrase, “Nice guys finish last” at least once. I’ve heard guys say it over and over again, just as Jenna Marbles has heard it. The thing is, nice guys don’t finish last. There’s a reason why the girl broke up with you or won’t go out with you, and Jenna is here to set the record straight.

Could it be that she was out of your league to begin with? Are you really as nice as you think you are? Are you clingy and calling every hour? Perhaps you're nice to her, but rude to wait staff. Do you have annoying habits like eating with your mouth open or forcing her to watch YouTube videos that she doesn't want to watch? Maybe you’re a nice guy, but your interest in Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica aren’t of interest to her. Do you really have anything in common?

As a side note, I’m not bashing Star Trek or BSG, I’m a fan of both and simply using them as examples.

My ex-husband was a nice guy. He still is. But I couldn’t be with him because he had no motivation to learn new things and got really comfortable right where he was. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it wasn’t right for me. After our divorce he found a fantastic woman who’s a perfect fit for him.

That’s how it works. Relationships end and you go on to the next one. Chances are that the next one will be a lot better for you because each relationship teaches us a little about ourselves and what we do and don’t want from a person. Nice guys finish last? I don’t think so. And neither does Jenna.

***Jenna likes to say whatever is on her mind and she drops the F-bomb at will. If you’re offended by such language, this may not be the video for you.***