If you’re hungry and looking for something new, check out Jason’s Deli in Parker Square. They’re located about a block off of Kemp near the Fidelity Bank building, and they officially open today.

This past Friday, Jason’s Deli offered a preview while doing a trial run, and Kory King and I took advantage of the chance to finally check out this new establishment. The staff was great, the restaurant has a relaxed vibe, and the food… oh, the food.

I tried out the California Club, which is a toasted croissant with turkey breast, bacon, swiss, tomato, organic field greens, mayo, and guacamole. I chose to get fruit with mine, and my meal came with four ripe, delicious strawberries and juicy cantaloupe. In my photo, it may look as though they skimped on the melon, but the truth is I'd already eaten some of it before I snapped the photo. The sandwich was fantastic and very filling.

If you’re not into turkey sandwiches, never fear. The menu boasts a wide variety so that you'll find exactly what you want. Jason’s Deli has soups, salads, an organic salad bar, Paninis, pasta, muffalettas, desserts, a kid’s menu, and you can even build your own sandwich. I didn’t get a chance to try the coffee, but from what I hear, they offer delicious flavored coffees for those looking to whet their craving.

In addition to the food, the atmosphere at Jason’s Deli is relaxed and urban, yet uses photographs from around Wichita Falls as their décor. If you look around, you’ll recognize the locations you’re surrounded by.

They’re open 10am – 10pm, so if you get a chance, check out this new restaurant. Your taste buds will thank you for it.