San Francisco based Sutro Eyewear has teamed up with James Hetfield of Metallica to create some new shades, right in time for the heat of summer. Hetfield has long been a fan of the company, and now they’ve created sunglasses that boast strength and resistance:

Featuring the signature Sutro 3Click™ Hinge and Zeiss optics. The Sutro 3Click™ Hinge is constructed of surgical grade stainless steel. It will not lose screws, is 10x stronger than a traditional hinge and gives the frame a structure that stays tight over time. Zeiss polycarbonate lenses block 100% of both UVA and UVB sun rays and provide the ultimate in impact resistance with the industry's toughest hard coating for superior scratch resistance. These limited edition frames are road-worthy and built to last!

To make things sweeter, they’ve included photos of Hetfield wearing the sunglasses, so that when you purchase them, you’ll feel as though you look like the man himself.

You won’t, but you can feel like a rock star anyway.

The sunglasses retail for $219.99, and when I first saw that price I thought it was pretty steep. When you look at how they’re built, however, that’s a decent price to have sunglasses that will last. Maybe that’s the problem I have with sunglasses; I keep buying cheap ones. Plus, these are actually good-looking sunglasses. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, but they’re an item that will probably appeal to a large audience.

Where do you shop for your sunglasses? How much is the most you’ve spent on a pair?

Get James Hetfield’s shades on the Metallica web site.