Really of all the teams to be talking trash, the Jaguars?

The Jacksonville Jaguars or as I like to call them the joke of the NFL. This team has to put advertisements in its nosebleed seats because for some games fans don't attend. The Jaguars television station actually had to apologize for showing a game last season. Could you imagine a TV station in Texas apologizing for showing the Cowboys game? No one in Jacksonville even wanted to watch the Jaguars.

Well this coming season the Jaguars are unveiling a new video board. I have no idea how they can afford it since no one goes to their games. It has been measured at 362 by 60 feet, the Texans video board is measured at 277.17 by 52.49 feet and the Cowboys come in 180 by 72 feet. I think everyone wants to top the Cowboys video board. I think what makes the Cowboys board so unique was not how big it was, but that it was actually suspended over the field. So unless another NFL team is planning on doing that, you will not win.

Check Out the Jaguars Billboard and New Video Board Below: