I saw a bag of Oreo’s Vanilla Double-Stuff cookies on a supermarket end cap the other day and couldn’t resist. I was enjoying more than my fair share on the way home and I started wonder, is there really ‘double stuff’ in them or is that just marketing? In my mind I could see someone like Mr. Burns sitting behind a desk at Oreo saying, “here’s a way we can make more money, we only give them 1.75% stuff instead of a full 20.o, excellent”!

First off, I guess I should tell you why I was skeptical about how much ‘stuff’ is in double stuffs. If you yourself have every screwed to single stuffs together, it looks a lot fatter than one double stuff.  This is enough to mentally make you think you are getting screwed on stuff.

So before I borrowed a ‘special’ scale from a friend to weigh the contents in a double and single stuff, I started looking around the interwebs. It turns out that I’m not the first person concerned about the amount of stuff in my cookies. Here’s comes the big reveal: according to everyone who has weighed ‘the stuff’ in double stuff Oreo’s, not only are you getting “double stuff’, you are actually getting a little bit more. Well damn, isn’t it funny how your eyes can fool you? Or maybe Oreo found a way to make the stuff denser or something.  According to those who have scraped the stuff out of both single and double stuff Oreo’s the double stuff weighs more than double that of the single stuff.

I also did some other research to find out what ‘the stuff’ is in Oreo’s.  It turns out it’s unicorn spunk.  Magical, huh?