Every year we complain about holidays showing up earlier and earlier. Now beer drinkers are starting to complain.

Now school just started last week and don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. We need to pump the brakes on releasing the pumpkin beer for a couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love any kind of beer, just not in a pumpkin mood yet.

Labor Day may be considered the unofficial end of summer, but some craft brewers couldn't even wait until then to roll out their pumpkin and other fall seasonal beers. Many already have been in stores and on taps for a month. Not all beer drinkers have been saying, "Cheers!"

"Everyone likes pumpkin beer, but you don't want it to come too soon. I definitely like to drink it in the appropriate season," says Nate Marsden, 23, of Boston, who nonetheless recently gave in to the temptation of his favorite seasonal brew, Pumking, an imperial pumpkin ale from Southern Tier Brewing Co. "I think it's just a rushing the season kind of thing," said Hickey, of East Brunswick, N.J. "I'm guilty of drinking them but it seems like it's getting earlier and earlier each year."

"If you think it's too early for Pumpkin Ale . don't go get some," Schlafly Beer in St. Louis posted on its website in August. "It will still be on shelves for the next couple months (hopefully) and you can pick some up down the road." I am not sure about busting out the pumpkin ale just yet. I think this is aimed specifically at parents with kids in school. Parents happy it is fall and the kids are back in school? Celebrate with our new pumpkin fall brew to celebrate school starting.