Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden has launched a new beer named 'Trooper', brewed by Robinsons family brewer in Stockport, England.

The beer is named after Iron Maiden's 1983 single 'The Trooper' and will first be made available in pubs around the Stockport area. Dickinson says that they do have plans to sell the 4.7 percent cask ale worldwide, but before that it will only be sold locally and also at their shows.

Dickinson says, "Iron Maiden is something quintessentially British — so we said we should be doing a real ale. We have to satisfy the thirst of Iron Maiden fans around the world, and there are a lot of them."

Other artists have also tried their hand in the booze business including AC/DC's wine, Back In Black Shiraz, Motorhead have their own line of Vodka, aptly named Motörhead and you can always belly up to the bar with a bottle of Pearl Jam's Faithful Ale.

In other Iron Maiden news, many rockers have come together to pay tribute to former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, who passed away Tuesday night (Mar 12). Burr suffered from multiple sclerosis later in life and passed away in his sleep.