Today is International Fanny Pack Day. I enjoy strange holidays as much as the next person, but is this taking it too far? Must we dredge up this fashion disaster from the past? Sure, fanny packs are convenient and keep all of your stuff close at hand while still allowing you use of both hands, but in my mind, I picture old men with tube socks wearing sandals when I think of them.

Per the Facebook page regarding this special day:

It has always been an international icon! It continuously is worn with pride! For one dreamer, it has always given him goosebumps to see people sport them far and wide. From hot pink to black, it is none other then the Fanny Pack. One man's admiration has made a dream into a reality. IFPD is celebrated on the second Saturday of March annually. Please join me and create a global community praising this cultural icon.

I have to hand it to the individuals keeping this day alive. While I celebrate What If Cats And Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day, someone else is celebrating the fanny pack. And with zest!

Do you have a favorite fanny pack moment? Perhaps you wear one yourself? Would you dress your cat in a fanny pack? Do tell....

To check out the Facebook page, click here.