So thanks to social media and boredome, we stumbled across an in home workout website, BodyRock.TV, that has an insanely hot workout host, Lisa-Marie.  And if you think think you aren't going to enjoy this then you need to watch the videos.  Not only is Lisa-Marie fit with the ability to back up her talk, but she has a killer accent and a constantly glistening body that seems to never stop shimmering...hold on, I need to maintain some composure.

Anyways, the videos are great and you'll watch a ton, and then you'll realize you are actually supposed to workout by doing what she shows you!  The exercises seem legit too! I tried them with the wife one night and nearly died they were so tough, but thankfully my wife had a Diet Coke and  Twinkie on standby and I was recovering in no time.  If you are into fitness and need to workout at home, check out BodyRock.TV and enjoy the workouts.  You can also find them here on Facebook.