According to LA Times, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is an ABBA fan:

It was midway through Newt Gingrich's speech in Ames Thursday when a cellphone went off. As the soaring chorus of ABBA's "Dancing Queen" reverberated through the Olde Main Brewery everyone looked around for the culprit. This time it was the candidate.

After sheepishly shutting off the ringer and slipping the phone back into his pocket, Gingrich muttered something about forgetting to turn off his ringer and continued with his remarks.

Later the former House speaker confessed to reporters that he was a huge fan of the movie "Mamma Mia" and a staff member had programmed the ABBA anthem into his phone.

"My wife warned me this would happen," he said. He added that "Mamma Mia" was "an amazing film."

No one ever accused politicians of being interested in anything other than money but you would at least expect ol' Newt to have a little better taste in music than that. ABBA...DAAAAMN!

Lucky for us, the metal mashup master himself Andy Rehfeldt was ahead of the game with "Dancing Queen":