Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is one busy man these days. In addition to writing, recording and touring behind a new solo album, Abominator, he's been spending time on the road with Danzig during his 25th Anniversary Tour to perform a special set of Misfits tunes. So needless to say, I was nothing less than flattered when he took the time to be my guest on last Saturday's (8/17) edition of the Oath.

While the first thing on every Misfits fan's mind is whether or not the band will get back together, Doyle has produced an absolute gem of an album with Abominator and as a fan you owe it to yourself to spend some time with what I think is the best Misfits related project since American Psycho.

During our conversation I asked Doyle how he got hooked up with his new beast of a frontman, Alex "Wolfman" Story, whether or not he sees the solo project as a long-term deal, his feelings on the Danzig 25th Anniversary Tour and whether that might lead to a Misfits reunion and more. Listen to the interview below.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Interview Part I

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Interview Part II