Sarah Palin is obviously gearing up for the possibility of running for president. Be very afraid. Read more after the break.

I picked up this quote from the Huffington Post:
Starting this weekend, Sarah Palin will embark on a One Nation tour of historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America," said Tim Crawford, treasurer of Palin's fundraising group, SarahPAC.

Now to me this his how we show the collective stupidity of America. What Palin will do is try to ride a wave of manufactured patriotism into the White House. She's already said she has a "fire in her belly" and her bus will feature a print of the Constitution. She'll wave flags and avoid the fact that she has less than one term of experience in government and that was in a very small town. When questioned on her qualifications she'll say things like "I was born in American and schooled in America and it's time we bring the pledge of allegiance back to every school". She'll be against immigration and flag burning and say as a housewife she knows how we have to stick to a budget. She'll then wink at the camera and a million old right wingers that haven't been laid in twenty years will vote for her when she does.

This is actually how it will all go down. In a couple years you'll think I'm psychic, but I'm telling you know that this is just how stupid middle America can be.

Now you may think I misled you with the title of this article but I didn't. I will once again support our president no matter who it is-it's part and parcel of a free election in a free society. Now here's a list of things I won't do:

*I won't claim shes from Canada and claim to see her birth certificate.

*I won't speak publicly about her shortcomings, giving our enemies inspiration.

*I won't call her "President T@ts McGee" or throw away my copy of 'Whose Nailin' Palin'.

*I won't second guess her every decision.

Now on the other side:

*I will make fun of her faux pas, but not question where they are coming from.

*I will always refer to her as "the President' and not as "Sarah" or "Palin"

*I will respect the fact that she at least claims she loves America and wants to do whats best for our country.

You see, I believe the Presidency is like steering an enormous ship with a very small rudder, I think it's impossible for one person to change the direction too much given the balance of power and will of the people.

So here you go haters, now it's your turn. Would you support Sarah Palin as President? Who would you vote for if it comes down to President Obama and Sarah Palin? Start the fireworks now.