The world of dvd has opened up foreign films to me. I'm like most people, rarely will I "read" a movie. Now what I've found is that most if not all have a place in the "set up" where you can change over to an English translation. The acting on these translations are usually a bit rough, but you forget about it and the mismatched mouths soon enough and just enjoy the movie.

Now with this said, I don't go searching out foreign films, but If I hear a good buzz on one on a website I might check it out. I let down my guard the first time and rented "Old Boy" which is a straight up ass-kicking movie and I just finished "I saw the devil" which is another fantastic flick. The story is simple, a serial killer kills a government agents girlfriend and the agent decides to make him pay. It's that simple, but it's brutal. The guy playing the killer deserves some kind of award. He is just a plain badass (and the killer in this film is the guy who played the hero in Oldboy). This film is uber-violent and I must say it's rightfully so. Put it in your Netflix que and check it out.

What about you? Do you just "write off" subtitled movies, or are you willing to take a chance on 'em". Have you seen something cool with subtitles I should know about? Let me know below.

"I saw the devil" rocks.