Def Leppard was definitely the band for a few years in the 80′s. I mean anybody who was three or older when Hysteria hit knows every damn word to at least five of the songs from that album alone. And the Lep have been huge since the 70′s! So when I saw this video of a recent tour stop I felt really bad for them.

First of all they look like they kinda don’t give a shit anymore. They just kind of saunter around the stage, or stand in the same place. Definitely showing their age in this one.

For the opening song, a new track called “Undefeated” (never open with an unknown new song guys, come on). They show a football game on the big screens, and I bet some people are more interested in the game than the band.

Plus there’s no one in the audience. It looks like it must be a large venue, an amphitheater or something, because of the huge screens and stage set, but look closely at the crowd. This was taken from the floor, maybe right next to the stage. There is so much open space between the people that are there that stage diving would be a death sentence. And when the camera person pans around later in the video you can see even more open seats. IN THE FIRST 10 ROWS. Time to pack it in boys.