Hurly Burly is known for celebrating women who dare to be different, and they're fans of the pinup girl look. Now the Australian company has shared a Tumblr page that shows us side-by-side photos of cats that look like pinup girls.

As a huge fan of cats myself and being dangerously close to becoming a crazy cat lady, I jumped on these images as soon as I started seeing them. The company hasn't offered much information on these photos, such as whether or not they were posed or just happen to fit purrfectly, but regardless of how they came about, these cats-turned-pinup-girls are a lot of fun to look at.


Everyone likes a day at the beach...


If only every woman could do this...

 One is so right and one is so wrong.

 Let me see your jazz hands!

 Ready... stretch!

The woman looks happy because she has goldfish. The cat, on the other hand...

Kitteh will seek revenge on those who took this photo.

I've never seen wet kitties look better.

Don't let go... don't let go!

As long as we don't have to do downward dog.

This is just embarrassing. Why would they make that woman wear fringe?

I'm here every Saturday, come see me again!