I was watching Attack of the Show today and they brought this video up on their “Around the Web” segment. At first glance I thought it would be stupid, but after just a few seconds, I knew this video was something special. The Vegan Black Metal Chef is all about incorporating head-banging music with vegan delights.

Nobody said you have to live off hot dogs and Cheetos just because you love death metal.

Brian Manowitz started his vegan cooking segment on YouTube around May of 2011 and it’s taken off. Making tasty dishes like “Holliday Hell Roast” and “Blackest of the Black Beans,” he attracts viewers with his heavy metal sound and costumes. There’s something to be said about the comedic aspect of his videos as well, such as the line “Under crimson moonlight / we decapitate some broccoli florets.”

The video below details how to make “Sesame Tofu from the Abyss.” While it does look really tasty, the drawback for me is that no exact measurements are given. I prefer a given unit of measure when I’m making a recipe. This video is also much shorter than some of his original videos that dragged on for 14 or 15 minutes. I prefer my cooking tutorials to be short and sweet.

Does anyone else suddenly feel the need to run out and buy tofu?