My afternoons will not be the same.

Now if you do not watch the show Number Never Lie on ESPN2, it is a show based all around numbers and stats. Shocking right? You never would have figured that out from the title. Now from the time I started watching the host was ESPN's Michael Smith as the host, former NBA player Jalen Rose and former NFL player Hugh Douglas. Well earlier this year in March, Jalen Rose left the show Number Never Lie for undisclosed reasons. Considering he worked for four different shows on ESPN and ABC people think the workload was to much.

That is not the reason Hugh Douglas is leaving Numbers Never Lie. Last week, multiple reports surfaced that Douglas and Smith were in at least one altercation in Orlando, Fla., during a trip to the National Association of Black Journalists convention. While reports swirled as to who was the aggressor and the exact nature of any incidents, ESPN did release a statement last Tuesday reading, “We are aware there was a disagreement between Hugh Douglas and Michael Smith. We are looking into the situation.”

Hugh Douglas took to Twitter to let his fans know the firing was official. I feel like the show will not be the same without him and I hope it doesn't get cancelled.