If you don't think this guy is genius, their is something wrong with you.

I love going to sporting events, it is honestly my favorite thing to do throughout the year. I was able to go to a Stars playoff game and Mavs playoff game in the same week. I will admit I spent way too much money on food, drinks, tickets and playoff shirts. I was definitely not missing out on a Stars playoff game because they haven't been in since 2008.

How can we get around spending so much money at sporting events? Just do exactly what this guy did. I think it is pure genius and with the exception of the beer part, I would try them all out. If you would chug all of my beer in front of me during a game, I may punch you in the face. Mainly because I have probably already had about three shots of tequila in me.

Let me give you some Stryker hacks for sporting events. I used to pull this one at Camden Yards all the time during Orioles games. Bring in some Tostitos queso from outside the ballpark. This will require you to spend some money, go purchase one order of nachos from the concession stand. When you are done fill up the tray with the queso you brought in. Go back to the concession stand and say you didn't give me enough nachos. They will always fill it up for you.

If you are a season ticket holder for any team always buy the big popcorn bucket because it usually has free refills. I know at AT&T Stadium where the Cowboys play the bucket is like this. Now my uncle is enjoying unlimited popcorn for the entire season during Cowboys games and only bought one popcorn bucket.

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