You thought you had to worry about zombies or the Chinese taking over but what you really should be worried about hits a little closer to home. Babies.

Yes, babies, although they can't walk or talk are apparently the next big threat to the human race. So much so that one man, comedian Gavin McInnes, took to Youtube to prepare us in baby fighting techniques. In his own words "There are a lot of different moves you can use to kick a baby's ass."

Okay, so you may not have to worry about babies taking over the world anytime soon, but still this video is freaking adorable! Or is it just wrong?

The baby featured in the video belongs to the guy making to video so this is obviously a joke, yet some people think that the video is "disgusting." What's so disgusting about a man playing with his kid?

He isn't hurting the kid, in fact they both seem to be having the best time of their life. Sure he may have used a few moves that were out of the babies league but none of those moves slowed the baby down. In fact the baby crawled away without a scratch while the dad had to bandage his eye after the fight.

So if you are about to watch the video don't get all judgmental about the guy, he's just playing with his kid. And if you're ever cornered by a group of these little devils, remember, "A baby's one Achilles' heel is wind."