There is a certain smell in strip clubs.  It’s not bad or offensive, but there is something in the air that makes you smell like, well, you’ve been in a strip club.  If you’re trying to hide the fact that you’ve been boobie-looking, comb the glitter out of your beard then listen to this story.

Heathen is nothing if not helpful. In this bit, he’s trying to do his best to help you not smell like you’ve had strippers hanging all over you. Here’s the master:

A strip club in Cape Town, South Africa called Mavericks has come up with a way to help their customers go home without smelling like cheap sex.

They're introducing a line of aftershaves called 'Alibis'.  The idea is to help prevent wives and girlfriends from detecting that intoxicating blend of stripper sweat, booze, and cheap perfume on your clothes when you come home.

It comes in three scents:

'My Car Broke Down,' which smells like gasoline, burnt rubber, grease, and metal.

'I Was Working Late,' which smells like coffee, wool suits, cigarettes, and ink.

And the hilarious 'We Were Out Sailing', which has the scent of ocean spray, sea salt, and cotton rope.  Which might make sense in Cape Town, since it's on the ocean, but still.

Each one is $37.50 per bottle, and supposedly they'll be available by mail order soon.