If you saw the latest episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, you know it was absolutely insane, but I think we would have all preferred if it had turned out like this fan-made alternate ending.

Okay, now that you have decided to actually check out the post and are completely aware of any potential spoiler alerts, we can talk some Game of Thrones.


I was all set for Prince Oberyn to die anyway, so I wasn't that worried. But for a brief second, I couldn't believe he had won. From there it all went downhill.

No doubt you've seen the episode, so I don't need to go into details about Prince Oberyn having his skull crushed between a man's hands.

Some people are even describing it as the most gruesome death ever on television and I'd have to agree. I was emotionally unstable for days after watching.

While we should have learned to that no one is safe in Game of Thrones by now, I would have been just as happy with this alternate ending that some fan has put together. Check it out above.