A law firm in Alabama is taking serious heat for a commercial that went up online last month, and you can probably see why just by looking at the picture. People are complaining that the commercial is extremely racist towards Asians.

The video features a man who is obviously white dressed in those silly Chinese cloths with a pair of sunglasses with fake Asian eyes glued on. Is it racist yet?

The video only gets worse when the guy begins talking. His Asian accent is way, way, way over the top even stating that "Confucius say" you should check out the law firm's website.

The law firm is attempting to distance themselves from the offensive video and claim that it was the production company's fault for posting the video without their approval.

So whether they released the video on purpose or not doesn't matter now. What we do want to know is whether or not you think the video is racist. Let us know in the comment section below.