Come on kids, can't handle a little spice while climbing the monkey bars?

I am absolutely addicted to spicy foods. If a doctor told me to give up hot sauce, I seriously don't think I could do it. I will admit I am not a huge pepper person, but I do love Jalapenos. I have had habanero peppers a few times, but I am not a huge fan of them.

Well for some reason some ground up habanero peppers ended up in the wood chips on a school playground in Lakewood, Colorado. Students had complained of skin and eye irritation. This led to an evacuation of the school and hospitalization of a few students. Police, firefighters, and a hazardous materials team all responded to the scene. Students ranging from prekindergarten through 12th grade attend the school.

Following the evacuation, all students were sent home. The school was closed on Tuesday so that playground equipment and indoor surfaces could be cleaned. Classes are expected to resume on Wednesday. Still no word on how the peppers got on the playground.