Times are tough, and sometimes people will sell off items via eBay, garage sales, or a number of other outlets. In the Portland area this week, a group had their own wares to sell; heroin, specifically, and they posted flyers stating “Heroin for Sale” in an attempt to sell off some of their stash.

During the raid, police arrested six adults and placed one teenager in protective custody. Marijuana and heroin were found in the home, along with a heap of cash and a sawed-off shotgun. In addition, tools for making a meth lab were also found.

Interestingly, police have been keeping an eye on this home for a while. Neighbors have been complaining about the house for some time, and they are happy to see arrests being made. One neighbor even brought fresh-baked cookies to the police as a thank you.

For now, those arrested will have some time to think about where they went wrong. Clearly their actions took a wrong turn a long time ago, but posting that sign may have been a bad idea…

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