A few weeks ago, the nice folks over at Maximus Gentlemen's Club invited The Buzz to visit their fine establishment; giving us a front row seat to see the scantily clad Hollywood Knockout ladies slip and slide around in an oil and tarp covered wrestling ring.

There was plenty of girl on girl action to go around and they even allowed the guys at the club to get in on it!  You know that one rule at any strip club?  No Touching - well the Hollywood Knockouts say f**ck that! Come to their show and you get to put your grimey mits all over their hot bods, oiling them up for the next match! Or if you're real lucky you may just get to jump in the ring and get smothered in T&A - I mean who wouldn't want to get smacked around by a couple of greased up strippers?

The night proved to be one of the most titi-rific nights ever and we were able to sneak our camera in to give you a rare look into the shenanigans that took place.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it looks like we've got about 196,000 words for you below! ENJOY!