If you’re going to get a tattoo, my advice is to get something that has meaning to you. For one French artist, his meaningful tattoo had to do with hitchhiking and not getting picked up. For every car that passed him, he got a tattoo to mark that vehicle.

The man’s name is Tony Weingartner, and as an artist, the tattoo idea is his latest piece. While hanging out on an unknown road, his partner Chifumi gave Weingartner several notches on his rib to commemorate those cars that wouldn’t pick him up. It’s a rather painful way to express yourself.

The pair say the piece is part of a series called “Radical Drift,” and Weingartner did eventually get picked up. How many notches did he have on his rib before that time? The video answers that very question.

I will note that in defense of those who didn’t pick him up, I don’t blame them. Who knows who’s getting into your car when you stop to pick up a stranger?