Probably one of my top pet peeves, having multiple favorite sports teams in the same sport.

We all have that one guy on your Facebook every night sports are on. Its a shame that the Rangers lost, but its OK because they lost to my other favorite team the Angels. I can't stand this kind of person. Pick a freaking team people, one team per sport this is my rule. Don't give me this crap about different leagues or conferences. In the end every team in the sport is playing for the same championship.

My teams are simple enough:

NFL: Dallas Cowboys

NBA: Dallas Mavericks

NHL: Dallas Stars

MLB: Baltimore Orioles

One team per sport, no bulls*** other team. I just don't get people like the guy being mocked in the video below. Especially people that root for teams that are a rivalry. You cannot be a Cowboys fan and a Redskins fan. If you know a friend like this, you have a bad friend and you need to stop being friends with them.

Check Out the Guy Who Likes Every Sports Team Below:

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