Just when you thought that every piece of Star Wars footage had been found and sold to us in the mass DVD collections one man was able to find two and half minutes worth of bloopers.

The blooper reel is part of an enhanced digital edition of  "The Making of Star Wars," J.W. Rinzler's behind-the-scenes book on the films. The e-book that includes the blooper reel was released this week. What's in the blooper reel? Storm Troopers slipping on set. Helmets falling off. Harrison Ford blowing lines. Sir Alec Guinness attempting to "act" alongside a Wookie.Just to let you know, your speakers are not messing up. Their is no sound for the first few clips.

Now time for another do you know what really grinds my gears? What happened to releasing all of the Star Wars movies in 3D? I went and saw Episode I in 3D in theaters only because I thought all of the movies were being released in 3D. Now that Disney owns Star Wars I do not know what happened to this plan. Come on Mickey Mouse, I want Empire Strikes Back in 3D.

Check Out the Unreleased Star Wars Blooper Reel Below: