There are very few things in this world more beautiful than a great prank.That is what this Ultimate fight Prank is. A great prank! Our world has fallen in love with them. So much so that even 90 year old Betty White has her own prank show on NBC. The ability that anyone has to record and upload video onto you tube for the world to see has also helped spark our cultures love for the Prank. I admit though hilarious antics far out date the social media heavy world we live in today. Take this Quote from Ronald Reagan, "There are three things I do to pass the time as President of this fine nation... the three P's I call them... Prayer. Puzzles. And Pranks." ***

Honestly I am not sure what the point of what that story was, other than a way to attempt to set up this video. One might point out that I did not mention ANYTHING about the actual video in the above paragraph. This is true, but only because the prank in this video is so funny, and creative that it really needs no introduction.  Enjoy!

*** above quote from Ronald Reagan may or may NOT have actually been said by Ronald Reagan***