Since YouTube came into being, there have been a slew of cat videos uploaded. Many are repeats of those posted before, some are really funny, and some aren’t really worth the time to check out. It’s always great, however, when you get a good compilation video that allows you to laugh at our furry friends.

Cats in particular are funny to watch because they always come off as cool, calm, and collected. When you see one messing up, sliding off the counter, or missing their mark, it’s often the reaction that’s even funnier than what they’ve actually done. For example, when my cat tries to jump into a chair but misses, she often won’t try again, but instead will sit on the floor and groom herself. After all, she wouldn’t mess up, right?

The video below is one that’s been around for a while. I won’t pretend it’s new, and you may have already seen many of these shots, if not the video itself. I always find that it’s worth watching, however, and make the people in my house question me while I laugh out loud at my computer.

I’m not losing my mind, just laughing at cats… Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound right, either.

As a treat for your afternoon, may I present cats doing dumb things. I hope you love it as much as I do!