So you are telling me I could have taken a NFL cheerleader to my prom? Twitter where the hell were you when I was in high school?

Everyone wants to have the best prom date when they are in high school. I know prom is a few months away, but I am just going to say this kid won. Crosy high school senior Mike Ramirez, asked a Houston Texan cheerleader to prom, but one problem. He had to get 10,000 retweets for her to go with him. Well Mike went above and beyond 10,000.

Caitlyn Beth told ABC-13 that she was happy to say yes. "I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and I immediately said yes, and I confirmed with my coach and the Texans and it took off from there." So you hear that kids, go hit up every single one of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders up on Twitter. Hey, its worth a shot.