We all know some people that are two sport athletes. I know I have never seen a football player and a cheerleader as the two sports though.

Armand Fernandez-Pierre is from Dallas (Tx.) and goes to Episcopal School of Dallas. Fernandez-Pierre isn't just an undersized utility player who wanted to suit up; he's a 335-pound defensive lineman who was actively recruited to join ESD's football squad from the cheerleading team. According to MyFoxDFW, Fernandez-Pierre was recruited to the squad by ESD head football coach Clayton Sanders, who saw the teen as a unique opportunity to add a massive athletic lineman to his squad.

Fernandez-Pierre wasn't a newcomer to the sport, playing throughout his youth until he injured his neck as an eighth grader and decided it was time to find a new sport. That sport turned out to be cheerleading, where ESD cheer coach Eric Daboa welcomed the giant with open arms.The lineman enjoyed his time cheering on the sidelines so much that he was initially reluctant to return to football, even as the school's varsity coach was actively wooing him.

Eventually he gave in to Sanders, with one caveat: He had to be allowed to continue cheering at halftime of the school's football games.That's precisely what happened in ESD's 41-0 rout of Dallas (Tx.) John Paul II School in the season's first game. It'll be repeated on Friday against Dallas (Tx.) Brock School as well. Now this is a cool story, but here is my question. What happens when his team his losing at halftime and they need him in the locker room?

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