Since Judas Priest did an excellent job of pissing off one of their biggest fans (that would be me) by appearing on that pop karaoke contest known as American Idol, it is only fitting that I share this mashup of the Metal Gods with Lady Gaga produced by Wax Audio.

I can't help but wonder if the American Idol appearance was the "breakdown in working relationship" that prompted K.K. Downing to leave the band. I mean seriously, after all those years and the changes they've been through, K.K. has managed to stick it out. He also mentions a breakdown in a relationship with the band's management and I would assume that they were instrumental to the American Idol appearance.

They're Judas Priest, so their legacy will always remain intact but that move has been universally criticized within their core audience of metalheads and I can't help but think there are members of the band who weren't as excited as Rob Halford about doing the show.