Billy Corgan, frontman for the Smashing Pumpkins, has appeared in a local Chicago TV ad, and it’s a departure from his usual sulking demeanor. In the ad you see Corgan’s happy face as members of Resistance Pro, a wrestling company he founded and owns, take on a group from Walter E. Smithe, a Chicago-area furniture maker.

While everyone is brawling in the ring, Corgan sits on the sidelines and watches the action. Then just as one of the wrestlers is about to smash a chair over someone else, Corgan stops him, recognizing the chair as being that of Walter E. Smithe.

After watching the spot, it gives me hope that maybe Billy Corgan isn’t as depressed, angry, and pompous as he comes off. Then I remember that he’s Billy Corgan, so all I need to do is wait a week and he’ll be back to his normal self and in the news once again for being an arrogant jerk.